Laxmi Road


Laxmi Road is a large open market place located within walking distance of the main college campus.  It is ideally a place where one can bargain to reduce prices on various items. However, these days many of the shops had fixed rate items, meaning that the prices were set and there could be no more negotiating beyond that. People could bargain with the street vendors, but it was difficult to do so in many of the small open shops. During my first few visits, I was a little overwhelmed by the clustered stores and vendors. It was also extremely crowded during the weekends. Many people were there shopping, passing by, catching rickshaws, and bargaining sometimes very persistently with street vendors. After getting use to the setting, I eventually began wondering to Laxmi Road occasionally on my own. Still, it was always better to go shopping with an Indian friend to be assured that you were getting a good deal. I liked being in the crowd and browsing through many of the shops with colorful saris, kurtis, and gold jewelry. Oh, and not to mention browsing through the many colorful glass and metal bangles so popular among many of the Indian women. I wanted to buy a few, but reluctantly pass them up.  Lauren, one of my suite mates, is in the picture browsing through some of the bangles.


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