Fergusson College


Fergusson College is a prestigious and historical liberal arts institution located in the center of the city of Pune. All of my classes were held in the Creative Science building just another five minutes from the main program bungalow. This picture was taken in the middle of campus (quad), were most students tend to hang out in-between classes. There were two canteens were the students tend to buy most of their food for no more than a couple 1 or 2 dollars (us currency). The campus also had a botanical garden, and a few small gardens with concrete benches. On Sundays, the campus seemed to transform into a big study place for many of the students. They would sit on the steps in the front of the closed buildings, in the gardens, or in the quad with open chemistry and math books discussing assignments with a small group of friends. The campus provided such a peaceful and serene atmosphere during the weekends that sometimes when I had a very hectic and busy week, I would sit in one of the small open spaces in front of the mathematics building in peaceful solitude, not thinking about anything and observing the beauty of the campus.


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