Month: October 2012

Bogey Bear

Bogey often accompanied me on many of my adventures. On treks and hikes, I carried him in my backpack or purse. While walking done the street he would quickly catch the attention of the children living on the streets who would follow me to gain a closer look. I wished I would have taken more pictures with him, however, for most of the trip he served as a silent companion. IMGP0168


Organic Farming

IMGP0640    IMGP0636
As part of an outdoor field visit with my environment perspective class, we took a trip to an organic farm located a few hours outside of Pune City. A nonprofit organization had created a way for small farmers to switch to organic farming and sell their produce to people living in the city. I learn that organic farming was a more sustainable way of producing crops by maintaining the soil nutrients, and it was better for the environment than commercial farming that used heavy pesticides. The farm also had some of the best tasting food I ever eaten, which was a relief from the heavy amount of spices in city.