A family Affair


Swapna and Me during Diwali Festival

Unlike others, I felt some of my homesickness immediately when I first arrive in Mumbai before settling Pune City.  During the college orientation, I found out I would be staying in a hostel with seven other girls from the program. I was somewhat disappointed because I had original signed up for home-stay. My disappointed did not last for long when I met the owner of the hostel. She was a very kind and did not hesitate to make us feel at home and treated us as if we were her daughters. After meeting her for the first time, I felt somewhat better and more at ease in my transition to a new country. She is a professional violin player and sometimes during her practice, I would make a visit to her apartment just to hear her play and occasionally have a chat about how her day was going. Every morning she made chai tea for me and the other girls, and on Sundays we would have brunch and dinner in her apartment.


Swapna is to the right. Her sister is on the left. They are twins, but there personalities are completely different.


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