Month: January 2019

Exploring Foods


As one may have guessed, the common staples of Indian food are the spices. Turmeric, masala, chili powder, coriander leaves, and mustard seeds are just a few of the many common ingredients. Before my trip, I had  attempted  a few Indian recipes for about three months buying the ingredients from  an International Food Store  in St. Louis, MO. Truth be told, my makeshift  Indian dishes  were no match to the authentic Indian recipes I tasted during my stay. For one thing, the dishes I made were  far less spicy. During my first week in India, I could only manage so much of the curried food for three days in a row before getting indigestion. I mostly stuck with chipattis – a type of Indian flatbread that looks like a thin pancake  There were also many street vendors that we were told to avoid  until after one month of our stay, however, the vendors located in front of the college were supposedly safe.  Some of the most popular dishes were doshas and chaat.  Another surprising fact, was not all Indians ate spicy food as an everyday part of their diet. Whenever I had dinner at one of my friends house or with my host mother,  the dishes were not nearly as spicy as the mess hall and restaurants I visited.  One of my favorite dishes my host mother made was ragra patties, which had a tangy, sweet, and only slightly spicy taste to it. Other dishes I liked during my stay-included spinach curry, Indian style tomato salad, peanut salad with crunch noodles, paneer and green pea curry, and chicken curry. The picture above shows a photo of the ragra patties.